Indiana HSE In A Hurry & Bootcamps

I’m presenting at COABE in April! My presentation is Indiana’s HSE in a Hurry & Bootcamps, and here is the description:
Programs across the state may call it different names, but it is basically a high school equivalency in a hurry
or BootCamp style. Join us to learn how to put together your HSE in a rush program.

My goal for the presentation is to collect information about all the programs. I will share an outline of an “HSE BootCamp” with all the magic included in the 12-30 hour programs. Do you do an HSE program that gets it done between 12-20 hours? If so, I need to interview you! Please use this link to set up a time to chat with me. I have a few questions for you to build my presentation. When it is complete, I will be sharing the session within IAACE’s platform. My goal is to collect data for comparison and determine what you think your crucial ingredient is to a successful HSE In A Hurry/Bootcamp program! This session is going to be fun!

If you aren’t the person I should talk to, please reach out to your teammate and ask them to participate. I want to represent IAACE and the state of Indiana well!

Will you help? Schedule a time to chat!


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