Year End Tips

‘Tis the season to find joy! A great way to find joy in this new paradigm mindset is to wrap up your year and take time for joy!  Here are some tips to help you end the year with joy!

The holiday season is a great time to build upon your relationships with your adult learners and your team.  Two tips for doing that with both,

1. Send a holiday greeting! A simple Happy Holidays via text, email, or paper card to each adult learner and team member. (Don’t forget inquiries about your program). Try  or or

2. Take time within the month to celebrate success; you may think, oh, the busy season is not suitable for this, but this is a great way to find joy- take time for others’ success. That might mean a graduation party or measurable gains for the adult learners, but with your team, perhaps it is celebrating goals or all the work changed by the pandemic!

Finding joy in the year-end has to have a money component! Tip for that: Check in with your budget! Prices are reasonable, and there are a lot of sales during this time, so check-in and make sure you get supplies at the best price- oh, the joy of a great price.  Extra tip, try utilizing a free service like Wikibuy to ensure you are getting the best price. It makes the price comparison for you as well as applies coupon codes.

The best tip I can offer for a great year-end is to take time for yourself. Self-care should always be a part of your routine, and it may not be easy to hit that reset button, but it is the best advice I can offer to make sure that you can begin the new year with no burnout!

I hope you find joy in this season and end the year in a way that will bring you incredible new year success.

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