Organizing, Goals and Parties?

The end of the year has a lot of traditions. Some spend the time organizing for the year to come, some review the past year and set goals for the next year, and some throw parties! I like all the above options, and here are some suggestions for each.

    1. When it comes to organizing for the year to come, I think of ensuring you will have funding. We mentioned in an earlier blog how it was essential to check in your budget, which includes incoming money as well. Are you applying for all the grants for which you are eligible? Does your programming qualify you for grants that you may not have applied for before? Here are some to investigate:
      1. ProLiteracy Literacy Opportunity Fund This is from $3000-$6000, and grants are awarded quarterly; the next deadline is January 3 and then April 1.
      2.  Economic Development Administration’s American Rescue  Plan Grant Opportunites. There are six grants under these options, Build Back Better Regional Challenge (phase 2 deadline, March 15, 2022), Good Jobs Challenge (deadline February 10. 2022), Economic Adjustment Assistance, Indigenous Communities, Travel Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation, Statewide Planning, Research, and Networks. In my review of each, I suggest you investigate the first three.
    2. If you are reviewing the past year and setting goals, then look at all your numbers and set goals to celebrate your successes and stretch your future. Involve your entire team in the process of goal setting. The more heads that are thinking, the better chance of thinking new things! Remember, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
    3. Throw parties! We certainly might have to think outside the box here as COVID is still a threat to our health, but we have blown up that box thinking, and plans may include virtual or gatherings with safety procedures and vaccinated individuals. It’s always a good thing to do something outside of the “office.” Maybe get together over a meal or go bowling! Include all team members and do what works for your organization.

No matter which tradition you start or continue, make sure you take pride in your choice. Use social media to highlight your success, spread the word on milestones, and engage others in your company culture awesomeness.

Thanks for being an IAACE member, and here’s to 2022!


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