First, A Ghost Story

The day was eerie quiet and the sun was shining behind an overcast of sheer clouds. She was typing her last email before stopping for the day when she heard a knock at the door.

The knock was abrupt and forceful and shook her workspace. She headed towards the door and the knob of the door rattled. “Who’s there?” she said tentatively.

No answer. She approached the door slowly. She gripped her phone in one hand and a heavy block trophy in the other. She put her ear to the door and heard a deep voice breathing slowly:

“Have you turned in your student essay yet?”

We don’t know what the ghost of Essay-tober looks like, but many believe that he visits administrators as a reminder to submit their student essays for the 2021 IAACE Essay Contest by November 18th.

Scary story, I am ready to submit.

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