Do you have a plan for #AEFLWeek?

It is time to make a plan for #AEFLWeek. Here are 3 sample plans for the week:


Keep it a Simple Plan. 

Share social media messages, videos, and fact sheets that are ready to use from Pro Literacy’s toolkit.

And/Or use the stuff from COABE Social Media Messaging Center

Be sure to tag @IAACE  @COABEHQ and use  #IAACE #COABEontheHill2021 #COABE2021 #AdultEdu2021 #AdultEdLiteracyWeek #AEFL2021

If you have a relationship with your legislature, tag them in posts as well.

Alternative to this plan is to follow IAACE and retweet, share everything we do that week.

Prep to do now, download all the files, and start scheduling in your channels.


Simple Plus Plan.

Do above and add a News Release.  A template is in the toolkit on page 18.

Tips for this plan, send a news release to your list as well as place it on social media

Prep to do now, write the news release, and ask teammates for review.


Still Simple Plan that Takes Action

Join COABE’s Twitter storm

Send emails to all your legislatures with 3 quick clicks.


The Best Plan that is Still Simple that Take Actions and Markets Your Program

Do any and/or all of the above

Add posting your success stories from your adult learners/students. Try Canva to create your own images for social media.

Send an email to your mayor, remind them about your programming and how you assist the community. You can get help with this by clicking here.

Add an activity that your team will enjoy and showcases all the work they do and your adult learners do! Perhaps it could be just an Open House.  It could even be a virtual open house by adding a person from each room in a Zoom and touring your place! The person could simply say what the room is used for or what they do.

Take part in the Region 3 Rally on Friday, September 24, 12:00-2:00 pm EST.

Add On’s:

Write a letter to the editor.

Ask for a spot on your local radio or television talk show.

Ask to speak at a local club or organization to share about your organization.


Need more help?

Join Jenn on Zoom any Thursday between 10:30 am EST-11:30 EST for help or brainstorming an idea.


Upcoming Webinars

Advocacy for All During Adult Ed and Family Literacy Week by COABE

DATE: Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Time: 2:00–3:00PM (Eastern Time)

The webinar will prepare advocates to contact their mayors, governors, and federal members of congress during Adult Education and Family Literacy Week (September 19 to September 25). We’ll begin with the inside scoop from Washington, D.C. on the state of COVID-19 relief and the appropriations process. We will cover tips for being an effective advocate and explain why your voice, as adult educators and administrators in the field, truly makes a difference. The webinar will also showcase best practices and examples from a local Adult Education program and from a state association. Join us to raise your voices on behalf of all adult teachers and students!

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