Christmas in July #2

People have been celebrating Christmas in July forever, but this year we thought #IAACE should celebrate because of that crazy 2020 we had, and it might help boost some moods and bring some spirit to adult education. We started celebrating last week with conference registration opening and IAACE President Sheila Butler taking questions and ideas for the month, conference, and membership benefits.

Here are 5 more ways we are celebrating Christmas in July!

  1. Thursday, July 15, Jerry Haffner, DWD, gives the gift of his listening ear. Do you have an idea or a question? Jerry is ready to listen. Join Zoom.

  2. Thursday, July 22nd, Rob Moore, Advocacy Chair, gives the gift of information. Join Zoom.

  3. Wednesday, July 28th  Several Talented Members & You! Gift of Retainment- Discussion on Best Practices for Student Retention (Join Zoom OR Facebook Live)

  4. Thursday, July 29th, Steve Haffner, Conference keynote, comes by with a Sneak Peek gift!

  5. Playing games and giving prizes within all the above events.

We will add more to the schedule WITH YOUR IDEA! Submit your idea by joining us for any of the above events, scheduling a chat, calling, or emailing Jenn or any of the IAACE Board Executive Committee, Sheila Butler, President; Mike Thombleson, President-Elect; Lisa Cruea, Treasurer; Karen Crawford, Secretary; Laura Smart, Past-President.


Remember you can join us for a Christmas in July event for a chance to win prizes.

You can always find all the events at


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