Call for Sponsors

Now is the time for all good members to come to the aid of their membership.  Did that ring a bell?  Did you get typing flashbacks?

The Conference Committee is officially making the call for sponsors and exhibitors for the fall conference on September 29, 30, and October 1 at Blue Chip Casino Hotel and Spa.  Due to the 2020 Conference being canceled we do have a few carryovers but we have spots to fill and we would love your help.

Do you have partners, collaborators, or other supporters that other Adult Education Centers could collaborate and partner with to expand our reach and gain more learners?

Do you have a great relationship with a supplier?

Do you have an idea for an exhibitor/vendor that you would love to meet, greet and shop with?

If so we would love your help in getting the information to them to be a part of something great, IAACE Fall Conference!

All the information is available on the website.  Please utilize the links and invite those you want to be a part of the conference.  If you want some help, or want a conference committee member to assist email, Jenn.


The page that has the information:




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