2021 Annual Meeting

500 Attendee spots available for the Annual Meeting

There will be two ways to join the 2021 IAACE Annual Meeting.
1. Joining via Zoom with the link and or the meeting ID and password
2. Within the Virtual Institute Platform if you are a registered attendee.

Please only utilize one or the other.

2021 Annual Meeting Agenda

Topic: 2021 IAACE Annual Membership Meeting
Time: Apr 30, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Time or 09:00 AM Central Time

Meeting ID: 929 7633 1543
Passcode: 879963

Start Time:
10:00 AM EDT/9:00 AM CDT
Link to Join

  1. 10:00 am Call to order – Laura Smart, President
  2. 2020 Annual Meeting minutes’ review
    1. Website version click here
  3. Treasurer Report by Lisa Cruea  
  4. Advocacy Committee by Rob Moore
  5. Adult Learner Engagement Committee- Konnie McCollum
  6. Audit Committee by Lara Pastore
  7. Literacy Committee by Tom Miller 
  8. Communications Committee by Jenn Wigginton
  9. Conference Committee by Sheila Butler
  10. Employer Engagement by Laura Elsbrock
  11. Professional Development by Mike Thombleson and or Karen Crawford
  12. Membership Committee by Cynthia Warner Lowe 
  13. New Board Members announced
    1.  Leaving the board is:
      1. Karen Heffelmire
      2. Lara Pastore
      3. Ted Pearson
  14. Old Business:
    1. Conference
  15. New Business:
    1. 2021- 2022 budget
    2. Annual Meeting Futures
  16. General Member Comment and Questions
  17. Announcements
  18. Adjourn Meeting

2020 Annual Meeting Notes in Pictures below but you may also:

View online 
View in Google Drive

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