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It is that time of year that you choose your leadership for your board of directors. This is one of your tools to utilize to make IAACE what you want and need! The election committee worked hard to collect information about each candidate to help you make informed choices. Here is a small explanation of why these questions.  

First, the region they are located in. The importance of the entire state being represented is important. Is it possible that we always have representation for all regions at the same time? This is less likely, but all members should feel represented.

How many years in adult education and their position? A nice balance of beginners and long-timers and the balance of different positions are important for our members’ perspectives and connections. Again ensuring that all our members are represented. 

How many years have they attended the conference? The conference is our main event. The board is part of the planning committee; again, we are looking for a balance of new and longevity because new ideas are important, but being familiar with them helps us hit the ground running.

The three ways they feel they will be an asset? You want to be represented. This allows you to choose a candidate that lines up to what you want from your membership. Think about how you want IAACE to grow and develop as an organization. 

The last question they tell about themselves is simply allowing you to know them a little bit.  

Here are some other important notes.

  1. Your submitted ballot should include a candidate for each position, president-elect, secretary, and three at large board positions. Vote for three different candidates in the at-large position. Putting the same candidate in each position does NOT count as multiple votes. Don’t waste your choices!
  2. The voting is open for 15 days; all ballots shall be submitted by March 24, 2021, at Noon CST/1:00 EST.   
  3. Members must sign in to the website to validate current active members in good standing during the voting period. 
  4. Each ballot must be signed with a member name and email to validate as well.
  5.  Your election and nomination committee, Polly Redmond, Caroline Foster, Lauren Bell, and JoAnn Vorst, and the Executive Director, Jenn Wigginton, will tabulate and validate all ballots after March 25. Those that receive the most votes will be notified with the validation has been completed. 
  6. Winners will be announced within the 2021 IAACE Annual Meeting on Friday, April 30, via Zoom. All members may attend the annual meeting regardless of participation in the IAACE Virtual Institute.

Don’t miss out on utilizing your vote for the members that will serve you best. It would be awesome to count 60% of member’s ballots! 

Join Jenn on Zoom on Thursday at 10:30 EST/9:30 CST to learn more about your voting privileges. 


Click here to go to the ballot.

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