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The IAACE Conference will be successful in 2021 when we have our colleagues in the field share the talents and knowledge they have. This is where the Call for Proposals/Presentations comes into play. We are accepting proposals to present in 2021 and we encourage you to think about what you are doing that others may benefit from, what have you done differently, what has worked, what hasn’t? Think about the tools that you can’t imagine being without. Think about the relationships that you have built.

The theme is Connect Four: Partners, Educators, Providers, and Employers we encourage you to think about how you collaborate and connect these four and how they relate to our adult learners. We have a few items set up to assist with the development of the conference sessions.

1. A survey for all to submit ideas on what you want to learn. Nothing is wrong here, we encourage you to share what sessions you would really love to have. Click here to answer this survey.
2. A  Zoom meeting is set up for Friday, Dec. 18th at 11:00 am ET/10:00 am CT to assist those who are interested in or have been recruited to submit a proposal it is, Call for Proposal Know-How.  We will likely repeat this again and it will be recorded for on-demand play. You can join Call for Proposal Know-How on that day with this link.

3. Jenn Zoom Chat’s are offered each Thursday at 10:30 am ET/9:30 am CT to answer questions about the conference and your membership. If you have an idea and want some feedback and help to put it to paper, we can do this within this zoom. Or you can always schedule one-on-one time with Jenn by clicking here.

4. Starting in January on the first Thursday, we will have Tech Talk Thursday’s with Neil Richmund on Zoom at 1:30 pm ET/12:30 pm CT. If you have a technology issue you need to ask an expert, then Neil is your man.  He will field questions on all technology. The link to join is always located in the calendar section and also by clicking here.


We hope that with these resources we can assist all those whom we serve to gain the confidence and information they need to submit a proposal. We are here for you and we are confident that we will make the 2021 Conference the best it can be.

We got this!



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