Attitude of Gratitude

By Jenn Wigginton, IAACE Executive Director

I’ve heard a lot of complaining about 2020; the pandemic has changed our lives, period. As I think about ‘Before COVID’ (BC), the virtual world looks completely different, but I think it is better.  In a Toastmasters meeting I had this week, we had a guest, and she was the first person I’ve ever heard say out loud, “I’m thankful for the pandemic.” I believe my jaw dropped, and I was so stunned I didn’t even notice the others’ faces.  Her reasoning was sensible; she has gained technical skills; she has met people all over the world by visiting Toastmasters clubs in a virtual format across the globe.  That certainly wasn’t possible, BC. She has learned new skills and has grown as a person in her words. I started thinking. As you might have read last month in the newsletter, I had COVID in October. I’m thankful that I got through it without complications, and maybe I should be grateful that I got it and my symptoms were mild compared to some. The month of November is always about being thankful, but perhaps our attitude of gratitude needs to focus on the positives of the year for 2020 to come together even more and make changes in the world that will continue our growth as individuals and community.  I encourage you to turn up your confidence for the remainder of the year, continue to try something new, and keep growing your gratitude attitude.

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