Boot Camp

Boot Camp October 8, 9, 10, 2020 at Broadview Learning Center 

This is our first Boot Camp of the Pandemic School Year. We had 6 participants. 

From left to right: Rob Moore (Director), Kylie Kristen, Ashtin Clark, Madyson Harrell, Sheila Butler (Teacher), Neveah “Heav” Young, Keith Leighton, and Cliffton Lehr. 

Four of these students went through orientation and started class on September 28, two of them went through Boot Camp orientation one week ago and attended class for 2 or 3 days before our 3 day Boot Camp. So far it appears as if 5 of the 6 will pass on the first try (waiting for writing scores) and 1 student has to retake Science but she is motivated to continue and will retest science in about 2 weeks. Below are their stories. 

Kylie Kristen replied: “I wanted to get prepared for my future and my next step is to start my future, I want to go to college.” 

Ashtin Clark wrote, “It would mean so much to me to get my HSE and make my sister in heaven proud. It was the thing she always wanted to see me get and I am going to get it for her. She was my biggest role model and this was the main thing she wanted for me and I’m doing it!”

Madyson Harrell has been trying to find the time to do this for a couple of years but being the mother of 2 young children it has been difficult to find reliable child care so she could attend class. Boot Camp made it easier to find 3 days’ worth and now she is done. She has a job from Catalent awaiting her now that she has her HSE. When asked what does getting her HSE mean to her? She responded, “In reality, I never thought I would get to reach my goal, I always thought I was a failure, and to be able to stand in a cap and gown with my children by my side and say I did it is the biggest blessing from God himself. I just want to thank Mr. Belt for pushing me to do this to better my life. I want to thank Sheila for believing in me and helping me achieve this goal, and I want to thank Rob for the guidance he sent my way. I appreciate you so much and you will never know what this means to me and my family. I can do all things through Christ, and because of Him, I get to go to college and be someone my kids can be proud of.” 

Neveah “Heav” Young has a goal to study Environmental Science in college. She currently works for the DNR in a seasonal job in Conservation but is making a career shift to Starbucks because they offer the benefit of paying for college. She replied to what it means to her. “Getting my HSE means that I finally get to move forward with my life and do the things I love.” “I am so grateful to [Sheila] for getting me through the math on the first try, I didn’t expect to, but I’m so happy I pulled through.” 

Keith Leighton was a student in one of our DOC classes in early spring and was signed up and registered to take the test. They were not allowed to send the tests in due to fear of spreading CoVid. He didn’t get to finish. He is on parole and doing well and has finally gotten the chance to finish. He replied when asked what it means to him: “It means a lot to know that I have an education not just for myself but to show my kids they can do it too. My next step is to try and get into a community college and further my education so I have better job opportunities.”

Cliffton Lehr awaits a promised job at Catalent. He is a veteran of the Navy. He entered the Navy in 1999 with a homeschool diploma which Catalent will not accept. He served 3 years as an E3 Airman, aviation mechanic on structures, and hydraulics. When he came out in 2002 he went into plumbing, he is now 40 and he needed this to continue on a different career path. He responded, “Getting my HSE is a life accomplishment, I no longer have to stress when I go to fill out applications whether they will turn me down because all I had was a high school attendance certificate. I plan to use the HSE to assist in getting a career and not just a job and to possibly continue to further my education. Thank you [Sheila] for everything.” 

As their teacher, Sheila Butler is very proud of them. “ The special thing about Boot Camp is in 3 days time, we all become such a close group through teamwork and learning together. This was a fabulous group!” 

Rob Moore replied, “I am very proud of our students who participated in our High School Equivalency Bootcamp. Thanks to our teacher, Sheila Butler, they went into the tests calm, confident, and well prepared. I am also grateful to our corporate partner Hoosier Energy for providing food for their bodies while we provided the food for their minds. Hoosier Energy made it possible for these students to move ahead with adult education. #MoveAheadWithAdulted.

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