Tips to Market Your Program

Marketing your program is more important than ever!  We market to 1. Inform, 2, Engage, 3. Build your reputation 4. To showcase success and 5. To Grow!  Rob is providing tips daily this week to market your program for Adult Education and Family Literacy Week but these tips can and should be used as a regular part of your marketing strategy.

The first tip is to Invite your Legislatures to Visit your program. This definitely can be in person but it could also be a virtual tour, perhaps you record a video of a classroom, an intake, and a success story and post on your website and YouTube and then invite them to view.  The quick and easy way to invite your legislatures is to utilize the COABE site. ”

COABE offers three resources to assist you in your efforts to schedule legislative meetings:

  1. a) You can use the ignite software (3 Click Quick Fire Ignite HERE)
  2. b) We also recommend sending an email directly to the education staffer and the scheduler (Email Addresses HERE)
  3. c) You may also wish to use the legislative “Look Up” feature (HERE)

Tip Two is to Speak in your Community! Find the “Big Kahunas in your area.”  The list is probably endless but here is a list and they each link to finding a club near you. Don’t forget the Youth Groups of each and possibly the Young Adult Professionals.



Chamber of Commerce




BNI Groups- Visit for free

Another idea for Tip Two is to create your own speaking opportunity, an open house (or virtual), a ‘fireside’ chat, a Meetup. When you build it yourself remember to tell everyone, share everywhere, over and over again, and make the content amazing.  Need help?  Just ask IAACE Team.


Tip Three is to Use Social Media to Share Your Success Stories!  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be a picture and a blurb but if you’d like to kick it up a notch try using the free tool Canva and if you really want to blow up the algorithms, share a video or go live!  We can help you, share your success story with us and we will build it for you and share it.  Put Success Stories on your Website as well!

Tip Four is to Build Relationships on Social Media! If you want to be followed, liked, shared, etc. on Social Media then you must follow, like, share, and comment.  Seek out the pages of Indiana’s legislatures including Governor Eric Holcomb, Senator Mike Braun, and Senator Todd Young! Here are the links to their pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Senator Mike Braun




Senator Todd Young




Governor Eric Holcomb




You may also want to Follow your representatives according to your region, you can search at  or you can download an entire list.  Click here for the download.

Remember, this is not a political party thing!  This is building relationships with those who currently represent us as Hoosiers! Be sure to tag (i.e. @GovHolcomb) in your posts and invite them to like your pages and to follow you. Another tip to find others fast is to check out who they are following and pages they like. If you need help, schedule a chat with Jenn to assist you or get on any Thursday Zoom chat at 10:30 am ET/9:30 am CT. 

Another Tip, Participate in the Twitter Storm on Sunday, September 20th by utilizing the COABE Engage tool, start by clicking here.

Tip Five is to Use News Releases and Public Service Announcements often!  You can send these by email and Twitter, #NewsRelease #PSA.  Visit your local television and radio websites to grab reporters and news departments’ email addresses.  For your favorite radio station, give them a call and ask them for some PSA’s especially for classes and events! A sample news release is below that you can tweak and use for your own #AEFLWeek news release.  Click here for a great blog on how to create a PSA. Follow IAACE’s social media to see more examples of releasing news!

As always, we are here for our members, if you need assistance with any of the above reach out to Jenn, IAACE Executive Director. We are happy to help.  Happy week!

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