Prepare for #AdultEducation Awareness

“This is not an emergency; this is only a test.” Or is it? “This is an emergency; this is not a test.”  

I guess that depends on how many people you believe are out there that are not aware of what your programs have to offer.

Prepare yourself! What you are about to read will prepare you for the weeks ahead of IAACE’s Adult Education Awareness. IAACE will be dedicating the entire month to the awareness of Adult Education! 

Let’s start with Thursdays.

Every Thursday at 10:30 EDT/9:30 CDT on Zoom for September Sharing Sessions. IAACE needs your success stories! These can be implementation stories, project stories, or your learner’s stories!  

Why share? We will feature a story for every Wednesday blog, social media, and the newsletter! We will also utilize these stories to showcase to our elected officials of our great state. We will tell our learners stories to showcase the work you do!  

International Literacy Day takes place on September 8th. The 2020 focus is “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond,” especially on educators’ role and changing pedagogies. The theme highlights literacy learning from a lifelong learning perspective, focusing mainly on youth and adults.”(Source) Join Jenn at 2:30 EDT/1:30 pm on ZOOM to hear her literacy story and share yours. 

September 20-26, National Education and Family Literacy Week. You may join in on this event in so many ways.

  1. Join the Advocacy Initiative! The state team/advocacy committee is forming now. Join by clicking here. The Initiative will be in full action. Reference point, click here
  2. Share a Story, Tweet, Set up meetings with your Elected Officials. There are easy ways to do this; I’ll show you how; click here.
  3. Assist IAACE with bringing awareness to Adult Education by sharing, commenting, reacting to our posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  4. Your ideas are wanted, comment, email, call, whatever works for you. IAACE wants to hear from you!

IAACE wants to support our members by creating awareness and education this entire month. We believe the best way to do that is to showcase your programs and your stories. This will make our communities and, ultimately, Indiana a better place to live and work. Will you please join the effort? If you have any idea to add to our month, please reach out to me or any board member. 


Links for reference:


Hashtags to copy and paste: #AEFLWeek #EducateAndElevate #IAACE #AdultEdMatters #LiteracyMatters  

#COABEontheHill2020 #COABE2020 #AdultEdu2020 #AdultEdLiteracyWeek

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