This is Genius!

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

– Peter Drucker

I have learned a lot these past few months as we have been navigating this pandemic. One of the things I have learned about our membership is that our members need to hear what other members are doing and desire to listen and share ideas for solutions to all the obstacles that we are facing. How can IAACE help with this? We did a little brainstorming, and we would like to expand the communications committee. The communications committee oversees what goes in the newsletter, blogs, website, and podcast. Could it do more if we had more members across the state? We think so. We ask that you take the time to nominate someone in your organization and or your region for the communication committee. This individual will be that person that loves to share what the organization is doing. 

Do they have to be an excellent writer? Nope, we have Grammarly.

Do they have to be able to meet in person? Nope, we have Zoom.

Do they have to investigate? Nope, we have over 435 active members to get the scoop. 

Do they have to be a current IAACE member? Nope. 

Do they have to be a genius? We believe everyone is a genius. That is why we want everyone to be part of the communications of IAACE. We hope the way to do it is by expanding the communications committee to include a person from all twelve regions. Our goal is at least one member per region.

Who will you nominate to join the communications committee?  You may nominate yourself!  Need more information?

Here is what they will commit to:

  • Virtual Meeting by Zoom once per month
  • Sharing and caring about Adult Education in our state.

What genius will you nominate? Nominate today. The deadline is August 12th.

We will reach out to the nominated individuals and ask them to join the Communications Committee. Thank you for nominating and please reach out if you have questions.



Jenn Wigginton


Here’s the nomination form:


Communications Committee

Nomination to serve on Communications committee

  • Please submit the name, email, and phone of your nominee and let us know if we may let them know who nominated them.
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