Literacy Auction raised $1120

Congratulations to the winners of the Literacy Auction!
Item (Show Subtitles)
Adirondack Chairs-Heidi Kelley
Bench or Footstool-Heidi Kelley
Bird Feeder-Heidi Kelley
Birdhouse-Heidi Kelley
Birdhouse 2-Heidi Kelley
Cow Box- Debbie Miles
Curved Shelf-Kathryn Kabe
Curved Shelf-Heidi Kelley
Desk Dice-Heidi Kelley (1), Tom Miller (1) There is one more available that may be purchased for $11.00.
Double Dog House-Marilyn Pitzulo
Handmade Quilt- Nickie Nolting
Hutch-Doug Dillion
Kids Picnic Table-Courtney Lightle
Kids Picnic Table-Heidi Kelley
Martin Bird House-Debbie Miles
Picnic Table-David Devitt
Porch Swing-Kayla Bretney
Twisted Shelf-Heidi Kelley
White Box-Heidi Kelley

Winners, please pay your invoices via the PayPal Option on the site. All items must be paid for prior to arrangements of pick up. Winners will need a copy of their paid invoice for the item to be released. The actual winner must be the one who picks up the item(s) unless other arrangements are made with Auction Administrator, ILA, Jenn Wigginton.

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