IAACE Book Club

What’s the last good book you read?
When is the last time you shared a book with a friend or colleague?

We are looking to start an IAACE Book Club to meet via Zoom. The first book Jenn would love to read is Leadership Refined by Dave Weber. He was the keynote at the COABE virtual conference. Dave is often described as a “Chihuahua on caffeine,” his keynote presentation was fun and very useful; he didn’t remind me of a Chihuahua at all. Please join Jenn on Thursday, July 23, at 10:30 am EDT to discuss the book club idea and provide your thoughts and guidance. Read more on Dave Weber by clicking here.


Update- We will start on Tuesday, August 4th at 2:30 EDT/1:30 CDT.

Everyone is invited to participate in our first book IAACE Book Club. We will start by reading Leadership Redefined by Dave Weber. If you would like to participate, purchase the book and we will start with our first session on Tuesday, August 4th at 2:30 pm EDT/1:30 pm CDT. 

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