Happy Two Year Anniversary to Jenn

Howdy, Hi and Salutations!
July marks my second anniversary of working as your IAACE Executive Director, and these two years have flown by fast.
It’s that time that I remind you of past goals, the progress made, and show our plan on how to build upon them.

The Conference goal, well, the pandemic had other plans for us, and I’m sure you are as disappointed as I, but we are safe and healthy. We had several professional development sessions in June from the conference line up, and we hope to add one or two each month starting again in August.

One of the things that came out of our pandemic situation is the ability to connect online with weekly chats; these have allowed me to build relationships; that is always a goal for me. These chats have allowed me to get to know quite a few of you, and I immensely enjoyed that aspect. Here’s the lineup for July, the session on the 9th, I will share some of the resources that I gained from attending the COABE virtual conference for the past week-plus. If you attended, please join us to share as well. On the Zoom on July 16th, I’ll provide the course I did for the COABE virtual conference this year, Getting Your Know On, Community Management Know-How. Here’s the description, Your Social Media, Website, and Google site may be managed by a professional, but what if it is just one of your additional duties? Let me show you efficient ways to manage your social media, website, and Google site and so much more. Managing this community information can be easier; let me show you how. On July 23rd we will have a launch of an online book club, one of the keynotes for virtual COABE was Dave Weber, his book Leadership [re-de-‘fined] is a great place to start an online book read as it provides, “The 12x’s of Success for TODAY’s Leader.” Leadership is one of my favorite ways to grow, I hope you will join. We will work out the details that work for all those that are interested in participating. Then on July 30th, I’m looking for a host, could it be you? If you are interested in sharing something with other IAACE members, then contact me, and we will get you on the calendar for July 30th. I’ll be camping that week, and the host will have full control. We, yes, that includes you, have done a great job sharing resources on these chat sessions and asking others questions, as well as brainstorming or thinking something through on these sessions, these aren’t about me so much as you. Please tell me what guests you’d like me to invite what topic you want to share or your idea on how we can continue to utilize weekly Zoom chats to build our relationships. We will sustain them as long as we have an interest.

The other way we have built-in to IAACE membership to build relationships is committees. Each Board member leads the line up of committees and invites you to decide how the committees will work for you. How do you do that? Join a committee; click here https://iaace.com/committee-sign-up/#!form/Committees. I challenge you to join a committee now to have a say in what the committee goals are for the next fiscal year. I invite you to join the conference committee. The meetings are monthly, and a Zoom option is available. Join any committee to get the invites to the meetings.

In the last newsletter in Ted’s message, he invited you to “take a moment and let us know what we have done right and what you would like to see in the future” by reaching out to him or any board member. I’ll expand that and add myself to the lineup. I’m confident your new Executive Committee and Board will do lots of awesome things, and when you share your ideas, we know the list can be longer. Remember, I work for all IAACE members, and I’ll listen to you anytime. You can schedule a chat with me if you want to share these ideas verbally instead of typing them out, but you are welcome to email me as well, director@iaace.com. This email has changed, so update your contact for me. My next fiscal year’s goals will depend on you, share your thoughts and ideas on anything from the website, our communication, or our professional development. I’m listening. You can always join me on a Thursday chat to share as well.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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