2021 Conference Brainstorm and Committee Invite

Join Sheila Butler on Thursday, July 30th at 10:30 EDT on Zoom as she guest hosts Jenn’s Open Zoom Chat.  The session is about getting your ideas for themes and anything related to the conference.

The planning for the 2021 Conference is beginning and we will proceed with the planning to have it in person as scheduled on April 28, 29 & 30th at the Blue Chip Casino Hotel and Spa in Michigan City, Indiana.  Out first Conference Committee meeting will be held via Zoom on Friday, August 14th at 12:05 pm.  We encourage all members to get involved in conference planning, it is your conference!  Here’s the timeline for the next year:

*2021 Conference Timeline
Theme (Goal to select in August)
Keynotes (Decision by September meeting)
Schedule Outline including the Annual Meeting, Award Program & Extracurricular Activities (October)
Sponsor/Exhibitor Recruitment (November 1- March 31)
Call for Proposals/Presentations (Released in November–Deadline January 15, 2021)
Conference Registration (Released in January)
Presentations selected and published by March 15th.
Conference Registration Deadline April 1, 2021
Conference App (Released in Early April)

The Awards nominations process will begin in February 2021 and the deadline will be early March.

*Subject to tweaks

Stay tuned to the https://iaace.com/conference-promo/ page for all the details on the conference and find all the details on the meeting dates on the calendar at https://iaace.com/calendar-of-events/.

If you would like to join the conference committee, click here.

Meanwhile, we hope you will join Sheila on Thursday at 10:30 am EDT with an idea or two, come and go as you need to in the hour.


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  1. Jenn Wigginton
    Jenn Wigginton says:

    I heard of some great themes brought up…Out of the Box, Connect Four, Clue, Start Strong, Finish Stronger, Looking Back Moving Forward, Embracing Change/ the Future. I look forward to seeing which one the committee chooses!


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