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You know by now that the conference is rescheduled to June 22, 23 24, but what you may not know is that the Google Boot Camp is not going to be a part of it due to the grant ending.
But the good news we are going to be the first to offer it virtually!
The Google Boot Camp will be offered via Zoom on its original date of April 22 at 1:30 EDT -5:00 EDT
Excellent now, everyone can participate with no conflicting sessions from the comfort of your home.

If you are registered, no worries; you are still registered. But keep reading to ensure you complete all the steps.
If you want to register, then watch the video or read on.
Go to
Have your COABE membership number ready.
Scroll down to REGISTER FOR THE BOOTCAMP TODAY and click.
Complete the form that it brings up and select the April 22 virtual date and click submit.
But wait, you aren’t done!
You will need a Google Account (email)! If you don’t have one sign up for the Gmail account.
Go back to
This page has lots of great information to read but scroll down to the bottom, and in the blue banner, you will see click the sign up for free button. Click that button.
If you are logged into your Google account, the screen it will show will be a list of your accounts.
Select and click your correct account.
The next page select, I’m a teacher.
Complete this form and click next. When you arrive at the Welcome to Applied Digital Skills, then you have completed all the steps, and you are ready for April 22, virtual Google Bootcamp.