We want to provide a quick update on the Certiport Certification Exams that will be available at the Conference in April.

We have updated the page with the information with a form that will allow you to share with us the exam of your interest and the time frame of interest. Wylder will be able to share practice exams with the potential exam takers before the conference. (Practice means passing, right.) We want this to be seamless, and we need information ahead of time to get the correct amount of laptops and the right software on each.

If you are interested in completing a certification exam on Thursday of the conference, then:

1. please select your interest when you register for the conference and

2. complete the form at https://iaace.com/certiport-certification-exams-at-conference/.

We welcome suggestions!

2/19/20 Update

The Certification Exams will be free for Conference Attendees to take!  All the details at https://iaace.com/certiport-certification-exams-at-conference/