Would you like to be a Conference Volunteer?

Would you like to be a Conference Volunteer?

Your conference needs you! Laura and I want to take a moment and thank the volunteers that have been a part of the conference committee, already working and planning hard.

Michael Thombleson, Marla Cook, Kevin Hunter, Deb Sherwood, Dave Miller, Danny Devers, Ted Pearson, Lisa Cruea, Sheila Butler, Michelle Davis, Konnie McCollum, Caroline Foster, Cynthia Warner-Lowe, Karen Crawford, Rob Moore, Natalie Reuter, Lara Pastore.

We couldn’t pull off the conference without volunteers. Please start thinking about how you might volunteer at the conference. Here are descriptions of each area.

Vendor helper– We love our sponsors and vendors, and they always need a smile and directions on where their booth is and help with other logistics. The setup is on Sunday from 3:00 pm-7:00 pm. The perk here is you get to meet all the vendors before anyone else, and you will be in the know on what they have for the conference.

Registration- Our goal is 400 attendees, and at the registration desk, you get to meet so many of them and offer a friendly smile and helpful attitude to get them all checked in. We keep the registration desk open throughout the conference, and this year Dave Miller has volunteered to be there for you. When you are part of this committee, the perk is you can get to pick up your registration at a particular time and place. The time you are, there can be as short as a break. 

Facilitator– Our presenters appreciate the help they get from a facilitator in their session. The facilitator helps make sure the presenter gets properly introduced and starts and ends on time. They also ensure that the session gets evaluated and that the attendee receives their prize ticket for completing their evaluation. The master facilitator organizes it all. 

Technology– If you have a knack with technology, whether it is the computer or the app. This volunteer helps us set up technology when we have to do it ourselves. We have three screens at registration, a screen in the exhibit hall, and the app to manage. If you are a techie, you can help us here. The perk here is you get to know everything before everyone. 

Silent Auction- The Literacy Auction will happen this year, and the volunteer that helps with this will help organize where the items go, organize the bidding process, and help publicize the auction. The perk here is you know all the items up for bid and the bids. 

Door Prizes- We have Marla, Karen, Caroline, and Deb working hard on prizes. This committee wants to make sure your organization gets recognized for their prize donation. Here’s the link, https://iaace.com/prize-donation-form/, to let us know what you will bring and how you want it in the program. If you volunteer for this at the conference, you may draw prizes, decide what and when a prize gets drawn, and be the first to know what all the prizes are. That is a perk. 

Put me where needed- this may land you in any of the areas above. Still, it could also have you helping out at the IAACE table or assisting a keynote with handouts. You’re lucky no matter what, though, because you are an official volunteer, and that is a perk in itself. The time commitment for each of them is based on how much time you are willing to volunteer.

You can volunteer when you register for the conference. The question looks like this:

Would you like to Volunteer?
We need volunteers at the conference for many things and they are all fun! Plus, you get to meet lots of attendees!
Please see the selections below and let us know if you interested in being a Volunteer at the conference?


The drop-down box has each of the options above as well as an I’m not interested.  If you select that option that’s okay but we do hope you select to be a volunteer as we need about 50 volunteers above the committee.


We will have a Zoom call to provide the details you need on Friday, June 3, at 9:00 am CST/10:00 am EST.  That will be available to replay as well.  If you have questions, just ask Jenn or Laura.

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