2020 Literacy Silent Auction benefits literacy at the 2020 conference fundraiser

We were going to just run a picture a month for the literacy auction, but then when we saw some of the images, we couldn’t wait to share the beautiful items created for the 2020 Literacy Auction that will take place at the conference. The 2019 auction raised over $1300 for the Indiana Literacy Association (ILA).  We hope to increase that in 2020.  The ILA is a collaborating partner with IAACE, which means when you become a member of IAACE, you are also a member of the ILA.  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) completed last fall, and the boards of both organizations are working on more outcomes.  If you would like to be a part of the ILA Board, please apply by submitting your interest to inlitassoc@gmail.com. The board will determine what the funds are used for in the future and have creative power over the micro-grant process that is a part of the MOU.

Check out these images of the super cool items for the 2020 Literacy Silent Auction.