One Year Anniversary


Howdy, Hi and Salutations!
Well, it is official I have represented  IAACE members and Board of Directors as your Executive Director for one year! Happy Anniversary to me!  It has been a blast!  Read on for the surprises I promised in the June Member News.

Last year, I wrote about my goals to build relationships and make connections and to plan a fabulous conference that inspires and motivates. How did I do?  The survey says, good! But I always want to kick it up a notch and do a bit better.   Please share your thoughts on how you think things are going, just drop me a line.

Surprise one, I have more goals for this year that build upon my past goals.

In order to continue to build relationships, we are currently doing a Board Trivia Contest, you are going to love the tidbits you learn and I hope that it sparks some conversation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’d love to do one on general members if you want to participate, drop me an email.  To build upon this goal, my objective is to grow the committees and increase our ability to collaborate and network. Will you please join a committee? I’m going to have a Zoom chat on July 11th at 9 am CDT/10 am EDT to just answer questions about committees. (Insert SURPRISE look) It is on the calendar of events click here. I’ll answer your questions about attending in person and give you some tips when attending on Zoom. You will then be ready to attend the first 2020 conference committee meeting on July 12th at 12:00 pm EST at OCU, 905 Southfield in Plainfield and on Zoom! Get the details by clicking here.

Here’s the line up of committees and new chairs: We have a new task force, Professional Development. This task force has an objective to decide how IAACE can do more Professional Development. This task force will be chaired by Sheila Butler.

Advocacy is essential to Adult Education, and IAACE lobbyist has helped us make an impact on the funds available for Adult Education. Be a part of this committee to learn more about sharing success stories, inviting government officials to your events and writing them are three ways you can participate.

The Audit Committee reviews financials, tax documents, and the budget and how your membership dollars are spent.

We communicate with our newsletter, our blog, our website, and email. We are looking for monthly submissions for blogs that share resources and ideas as well as making your job easier. We also want to hear your stories to include in the newsletter to share our success with all members.

How do we grow membership? How do we provide members what they need? The membership committee communicates with each new member and assists with engaging them in the beginning. What else do you need from your membership? This committee can make an impact on that.

The conference committee is fun. If you want a part in making your conference motivational and inspiring, join the conference committee. Call for presenters, after hour fun and keynote speaker, you can have a say in all of it when you enter the conference committee. If you are interested in being on the awards committee you are encouraged to be a part of the conference committee

Employer Engagement is a brand new committee, it just completed its first year! The purpose of this committee is to build collaborations between employers and adult education organizations to increase opportunities for adult learners.

Join me on July 11 at 9 am CDT/10 am EDT to chat all about the committees on a Zoom call.

Surprise two, well maybe it’s not really a surprise but we will be taking the conference up a notch in 2020.  Just to give you one hint, it will include a Google Boot Camp training.  We are returning to French Lick in 2020 but as you know the Board has been accepting proposals for 2021.  Save the date, April 22-24, 2020. And another hint, if you are a part of the committee you will be a part of the kicking it up a notch.

Surprise three, you have to wait for this one but I’ll tease with it involves membership benefits. My goal here is to bring you more benefits and make it easier for you to utilize them.

Thanks for reading, please connect with me and IAACE on social media and let me know what you think about the goals and surprises.

You can always reach out to me via text, phone call or email if you like.

Thanks for a great year, let’s do it again even better.

Jenn Wigginton


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