Literacy Center honored with Pro Literacy Award

The Literacy Center in Evansville, IN is honored to receive the Award for Program Innovation and Collaboration from Pro Literacy during their upcoming national Conference on Adult Education in September 2019.  The award recognizes accomplishments resulting from a collaboration between different types of organizations.  Our new On-Site Learning Alliance program allows us to partner with local organizations to provide our Basic Adult Literacy (BAL) programming at their site.  Many adults who need our services face the barrier of transportation to our facility, so this program allows us to remove that barrier.  Furthermore, by providing a tutor in area neighborhoods, we can reach more individuals and help each achieve their own personal goals, whether that is to obtain a driver’s license, gain employment, move on to higher education, read to their family, or simply live happier, healthier, more independent lives.

The Literacy Center’s mission is to improve adult literacy and education in the region, not only to better the lives of those around us, but also to strengthen our communities.  This program enables us to achieve that on a larger scale.  The Literacy Center is currently providing programming on-site at the Southside Stars Youth Zone at Tepe Park for families and acquaintances of children in their youth program.  We are also providing programming at Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Libraries Central Library and will soon be on-site at the McCollough Library and Alexandrian Library in Mt. Vernon, IN.  And a program at Culver Family Learning Center is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2019.


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Regina Hamman
Executive Director
The Literacy Center

You may reach her at:
tel: 812-429-1222

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