What if’s for Conference 2019

What if you need information on the IAACE Superheroes Conference 2019?  We have it for you!

What if you are not registered for IAACE Superheroes Conference 2019?

Register by April 1st. Late Registrations may be taken between April 1-11th if we aren’t at capacity, don’t risk it, register now.  Paying by credit card is an option or if your organization is mailing a check choose that option and include your PO and be sure to forward the invoice that you receive to your organization administrator.

2019 Registration

What if I need a hotel reservation IAACE Superheroes Conference 2019? 

French Lick Resort is sold out! You may book in the backup hotel, West Baden by March 29th!


What if I want to know the sessions available to attend?

We are kicking off this year with a session over lunch at 11:00 am on Wednesday, networking with super topics! Superheroes will be in the mix!  The power will continue with our keynote, Jennifer Powers, author of Oh, shift!, at Noon! Keynote info click here!

Then the Wednesday afternoon has two, 1.5-hour sessions that will inspire you.

Thursday starts with a general session with DWD and has 4 more sessions that day. Friday has two sessions!

See all the list by clicking here!

Want to see the At-Glance Schedule? Click here!

What if I need to bring a guest to a meal, for instance, the Awards and Recognition Lunch on Thursday at 12:05?

All meals must be ordered by April 17th!    Credit Cards only, no direct bill is offered. Order your guest meals by clicking here.

What if I want to add an excursion to the French Lick Winery or the Escape Room? 

We are thrilled to be able to offer excursions for you to enjoy, it is a great way to see a little of French Lick, meet some new friends and hang out with your team.

The French Lick Winery will include a meal of a Salad, Garlic Bread, Pizza and Wine tasting for $25. Transportation is NOT included. It is not walking distance. We hear that the pizza dough recipe is kept under lock and key. It is a great way to eat a meal as a group at a really reasonable price.

The French Lick Escape Room will be a challenge. It is within walking distance 10 people will be locked in a room and work as a team to escape the challenge. The challenge options are Capone and Harry.  All room divisions and challenges will be selected by participants that evening, you are asked to arrive 15 minutes early (5:15 pm). You may visit  www.escapefrenchlick.com/ for information on challenges. (it is walking distance from resort)

You’ll get to choose the challenge and maybe if you work together, you’ll return that evening to join in on the dancing and karaoke. 🙂

We have a minimum in order to keep these on the agenda, the extended deadline is April 12th so…Book your excursions now!  


What if I am a past president of IAACE or IAPSAE(Indiana Association of Public School Adult Education) or I know someone who is and an invitation has not been received to the past president’s dinner on Wednesday, April 24th at 5:30 pm?

We’re looking for past presidents of IAACE and IAPSAE   We want to include all past president’s to the dinner on April 24, 2019, at 5:30 pm in conjunction with the IAACE Conference at French Lick.  If you are a past president and haven’t heard from Rob Moore about the past president’s dinner, please RSVP to him at rmoore@mccsc.edu. Reservations are due by April 17th. Are they on Facebook? Invite them with the Facebook event, click here!

What if my region or organization wants to donate a prize basket to the door prizes for the conference? 

We are so excited to be offering prizes all through the conference with some other surprises as well.  If you want to help us out, please click here to let us know. 

What if my team or I want to do the lip synch challenge?

There is still time!  We suggest you wing it and have some fun.  Gather your team, Grab a phone or a tablet that has a video camera and use an app like Tik tok, play your pick of a superhero song,  lip-synch the words and record it! Then upload to YouTube and/or Facebook with hashtag #iaaceconference19.  Want to watch one? Click here!

What if I don’t have the Conference App on my phone or tablet?

Have no fear, we will send out all the details on the 2019 conference app very soon.  We are working on getting all the updates included. It is available with a laptop as well. Update, we go live on Monday, April 8th, Click here for information. 

What if I know of someone who is retiring to be recognized at the Thursday awards and recognition luncheon?

Let us know by April 1st! Email Jenn at iaace2@gmail.com!

What if I selected that I want to volunteer for the conference?

We are very excited to have volunteers signed up for the conference! We need facilitators, app helpers, a welcome committee, iaace table help, photographers, and more! To hear all the details, save the date for a Zoom meeting, Monday, April 15th 6:00 pm EDT/5:00 pm CDT and the link:  Google Calendar Event

What if I wanted to book a service at the French Lick Spa?

You may call 812-936-5819 to schedule your appointment. You may receive a 10% discount on services by mentioning IAACE.

What if my organization wants an advertisement in the program?

Ad Space for Conference Program is available until April 5th. Email Jenn at iaace2@gmail.com and she will send you a link and all the necessary information. Here are the prices:

Black & White Ads
Full Page Ad (black & white) $ 400.00
Half Page Ad (black & white) $ 200.00
Quarter Page Ad (black & white) $ 100.00

Color Ads
Premier Poster outside Ballroom (color) $1,000.00
Premier Poster in the Main Hall (color) $500.00

Full Page Ad (color) $ 600.00
Half Page Ad (color) $ 300.00
Quarter Page Ad (color) $ 150.00

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered?  

Try the website at https://iaace.com/conference/

Watch your email box for updates and check back often for updates!

or email Jenn at iaace2@gmail.com!

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