More Funding for a Program

By Christy McIntyre-Gray
​As you know, adult education has so many functions; we help students learn English; we help students become citizens; we help students complete high school; and most recently we help students start career training classes. As adult education is now expected to advance 20% of our students into career training. As our mission has broadened, the funding vehicles available to adult education providers have broadened as well.

The City of Indianapolis has just awarded the MSD of Wayne Township $390,000 for adult education training program as well as the Area 31 home built by students. This funding has been awarded to the MSD of Wayne Township through the Metropolitan Development Commission of Marion County utilizing the Airport Economic Development Area TIF District funding. This funding will allow Marion County residents to pursue income generating sectors such as Commercial Truck Driving, Heating and Cooling, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, and other high demand career programs. These opportunities are changing lives and building a stronger tax base for the Indianapolis economy. A wonderful win-win for the student the school and the community.