What happened Manufacturing Week?


Manufacturing week was October 1st through the 5th, did you do activities to engage your adult learners? Hammond Adult Education Program did!
Here are some examples…
Monique Vaughn worked with her students on “What’s Your Influence?” and “Designing Your Future Career.”

Adult Basic Education (ABE) students used evidence, case studies, career scenarios, anecdotal stories, and other sources to support or refute a claim about the relationship between manufacturing and society.

High School Equivalency (HSE) students investigated the emergence of advanced manufacturing careers by considering how and why careers change over time. They explored new ideas for innovations related to health, transportation, and architecture and the types of careers that would be needed to bring these innovations to life.

How did the students respond?

Anna D, ABE student supported her claims by showing the class the following website and completed a presentation on it.

Anna M., HSE student presented and defended her claims with
https://www.manpower.us/website-file-pile/whitepapers/manpower/man future-of-manufacturing-workforce 021113.pdf

Erin, an HSE student, supported her claims with scenarios and magazine articles as her class presentation.

Jack supported his claims by presenting YouTube videos as his class presentation.

  1. AVID: saving fuel and reducing emissions from vehicles (iSCF-Mobility/Clean Growth)
  2. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop could revolutionize public transport | The Economist
  3. Antibiotic Restaurant Bacteria On The Rise
  4. Green Building: Jobs of the Future