New School Year, New TABE Assessment

Caroline Foster, Board Member, Communications Committee Chair

The new school year has begun. As many of us are beginning our new program year, we are seeing our enrollment rise, student’s return, and new goals for a promising year begin. This new year brings changes to our trusty old TABE test as well.

Trainings, staff development, TABE testing of staff, and promise of a new aligned assessment have been the focus of the end of our summer months. TABE 11/12 has seemed to show promise of a more aligned assessment to the end goal, the high school equivalent. However, it has not been without some hiccups along the way.

The time for a student to complete is longer. Online TABE assessments are not aligned to paper/pencil scoring. Protractors, rulers, and calculators are used or not used based on the TABE level assigned.

The message to keep in mind is that we have been utilizing TABE 9/10 since 2003. Look at the changes we have made in adult education since 2003. We no longer utilize the General Education Diploma platform (GED). Test Assessing Secondary Completion has released 3 different series of the assessment. Also, Adult Education is now housed under the Department of Workforce Development.

It may be safe to say that this change was needed. A great quote in regards to change is simply put; “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” (Robin Sharma). New year, new TABE assessment, and same great product we are providing to the community. That is what I will keep in mind.