A Successful Capitol Hill Day

Dear IAACE members,

I am delighted to share that I was given the privilege to represent adult education in Indiana during COABE’s Capital Hill Day in Washington D.C. in September. It was an amazing experience in which over 60 adult education leaders from nearly all 50 states joined together to walk the Halls of Congress and make adult education’s voice heard on the Hill. Our goal was to help lawmakers understand the value adult education brings to students, workers, and businesses in contributing to social mobility and economic growth.

I was able to meet with four elected officials and/or their staff. They all expressed their fullest support of adult education in all manners including funding our programming at the highest levels. They also thanked us for the good work we do each and every day.

United States Senator Todd Young- Mr. Young is member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. This committee has oversight responsibilities of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) which governs adult education. Mr. Young expressed that he views adult education as a cornerstone to filling the middle skills job gap in Indiana.

United States Senator Joe Donnelly- One of Mr. Donnelly’s top priorities is building our local economy. He believes adult education is a foundational program through which these goals will be achieved. His staff ensures me that he will continue to advocate for the maximum levels of funding for adult education.

9th District Congressman Trey Hollingsworth- Mr. Hollingsworth’s number one goal in Congress is to create legislation that promotes training under-skilled individuals and helps to fill the middle skills job gap in Indiana. Mr. Hollingsworth spoke at length about the importance of adult education programming and ensuring comprehensive funding at the federal level.

7th District Congressman Andre Carson- Mr. Carson whole heartily supports adult education and expansive funding for programming.

Thank you again for allowing me to opportunity to highlight to our lawmakers how an investment in adult education represents a bold commitment to American’s future.

Natalie Reuter