SWIC Report for July 2017

​By Rob Moore

Heard a report from SWIC’s Sectors Strategies Taskforce. The taskforce established 3 goals for itself: (1) Figure how to provide funding, technical assistance, and/or program initiatives to establish, sustain, and scale local sector partnerships, (2) establish a statewide definition and performance metrics for local sectory partnerships, (3) develop a 3-year strategic plan for sector strategies in collaboration with Jobs for the Future, and (4) recommend deliverables of the taskforce, including an asset map of Indiana sector partnerships, a statewide infographics of priority sector, regional and statewide in-person convenings, and a workplan to develop a robust state policy on sector partnerships. Recommended that SWIC adopt the US DOL’s definition of sector strategy: “a partnership of multiple employers within a critical industry that brings together education, economic development, workforce systems, and community organizations to identify and collaboratively meet the workforce needs of that industry within a regional labor market.” SWIC will consider approving that definition for Indiana at its next meeting. Announced the next Indiana Sectors Summit on November 13-14, 2017 at the 502 E. Event Centre in Carmel, IN. Information will be at https://secure.in.gov/dwd/3165.htm.

Heard a report of SWIC’s Work & Learn Taskforce. Made 4 recommendations to SWIC: (1) state provide technical assistance to help stakeholders understand work-based learning, (2) collect broad work-based learning participation and outcome data, (3) use IndianaCareerReady.com to connect businesses and participants for apprenticeship opportunities, (4) develop a marketing plan to highlight work-based learning a a viable and effective talent pipeline strategy.

Heard a report from SWIC’s Youth Committee, detailing some work ethic certification program accomplishments and challenges. Next steps for this initiative include marketing to more potential schools. Indiana got a “Five for Five” award from JAG for the third year in a row for meeting and exceeding national program goals: graduation rate, employment, etc. JAG Indiana just got its National Accreditation Report. JAG is planning to expand to 30 more schools in this coming school year and will be on two Ivy Tech campuses: Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

Heard a report by Commissioners Lubbers and Braun on a Workforce Readiness grant that DWD, Commission on Higher Education, and Governor’s Office are working on that will promote professional certificates in five sectors: health care, information technology, manufacturing, and two others I didn’t get down.

Heard a report from DWD on the third round of Skill-Up grant and the Indiana Innovation Network. The INN will provide demand data to potential applicants. Applications are due in early November. A collaboration site on the Internet will be available to grant-funded applicants that will form a true network of information.

Heard a report from Gretchen Gutman from Cook, Inc. and myself on the MyCookPathway program, an adult education program for Cook Medical employees on a career pathway into production jobs https://www.cookmedical.com/newsroom/cook-medical-receives-adult-education-award/.

Next meeting will be September 21, 2017, 12:00pm EST, Indiana Government Center South Conference Room B.

Agendas, minutes, and live webcasts of meetings can be viewed on the DWD website at http://www.in.gov/dwd/2473.htm.