Help Tell the Story of Adult Ed with Student Selfies!

By Lisa Schriefer
As you’re probably aware, we think telling the story of adult education is a pretty big deal. And we think that story is often best told by students. If you haven’t done so before, click over to this page sometime to be inspired… and even learn how students can easily put together their own student story video!

We’ve been thinking about how we could encourage a lot more students to tell their story, own their goals, and help advocate for adult ed… realizing that being interviewed on camera and sharing it with the world is not everyone’s cup of tea (trust me, I get it). I think a lot more of us are comfortable with the idea of posting a selfie on our facebook page or twitter feed, which is our inspiration for a new project. We want to tell the story of adult education… with student selfies! If you are an adult educator, please help get your students engaged in this project!

++And if you’re not sure why telling the story of adult education is important, Linda Warner will be here next week to help us connect the dots in week two of our advocacy blog series!

Here’s what we’re asking students across the state to do:

  1. Grab a piece of paper (a sheet of white 8.5 x 11 paper will do) and a black sharpie.
  2. Write a few words in large font to fill your paper (7 or less) and complete this sentence: Adult Education gives me hope that I can ___________ . What’s your dream? …A career in automotives? Provide for your family? Be proud of your goal!
  3. Take a selfie (or have someone else take it) of you holding your paper and smiling! You can use any kind of mobile device or camera.
  4. Submit your photo here by May 30th , we’ll put all of the photos together in a fun way, and share back with you!

You can even submit more than one photo of your students or classmates to make sure everyone gets in on the fun. By taking a selfie and sharing with IAACE, you are giving us permission to share in our advocating for adult ed (and you)!

So what do you say? Let’s do this and share the story of adult ed one selfie at a time!

Thanks to Bob Stephenson and Kevin Hunter for sharing the idea with a few students, who enthusiastically gave us these examples! – including one that Kevin photobombed 🙂

Students can also share their selfie on facebook or twitter and tag @IAACE!