February Giveaway Winner Q & A

Congratulations to Lori Romanelly, who won the $100 gift card giveaway in February!

Lori was kind enough to share a photo and responses to a few questions so we could take this opportunity to highlight a member of the IAACE community and help us continue to get to know each other!

IAACE: What is your involvement/ history with adult education?
Lori: I began teaching adult education classes in the fall of 2012. I have attended several conferences and trainings offered by the state. Some of them are Adult Numeracy Institute (ANI), TASC Train-the-Trainer training, Shifts Happen…Then We Motivate, 2012 Summer Institute, Planning to Succeed – Planning for Common Core, Teacher meetings, and of course the IAACE Conference last April.

IAACE: What is one favorite memory or experience in adult education?

Lori: I enjoy working one-one-one with my students as well as our group lessons. However, I think my favorite experience has been the graduation program that our students participate in once they have successfully passed the HSE. Seeing how proud the students are of themselves for reaching their goal is amazing. Knowing that everyone’s life is hectic and filled with bumps along the way, their dedication and hard work pays off in the end.

IAACE: What is your favorite IAACE resource?

Lori: My favorite IAACE resource is the Facebook page. It is very convenient and easy to use. When I log onto my page, I see updates from others that include great resources such as websites, lesson plans and lesson ideas.

Thanks again to everyone who has been interacting with our giveaways and the IAACE Online Community, and to Lori for sharing with all of us!