Spotlight on Best Practices

By Dan Devers

in Connersville, Indiana incorporates structured orientations which have been integral for student success and excellent program performance!

The program’s use of structured orientations is successful for various reasons.

  • Introduces students to the program
  • Puts the students at ease and answers questions they may have
  • Shows students their abilities through pre testing and helps them set goals
  • Prepares the student and teacher for the first day of class
  • Introduces students to WorkOne and to College and Career readiness
  • Determines those students who may not be ready to attend class and offer viable solutions until they are

Adopting strong program standards and philosophies – Makes It Happen!

  • Caring and dedication for others in the community is important for self esteem and success.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential to help students understand expectations and set realistic goals.
  • Dedication to continual assessment and detailed data entry is imperative for not only recording program success, but also determining if there should be augmentation to current classroom procedures and lessons.
  • Strong partnerships with WorkOne, DWD and employers allow students to pursue academic and career goals beyond the High School Equivalency Diploma.
  • Setting high expectations for student attendance and performance results in better retention persistence, and success!

Tell us in the comments below which of these items you think is among the most important, or an idea for implementation!

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