Let’s All Go…to the IAACE Conference

By Tom Miller

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,

But, the IAACE Conference will be so delightful.

You’ll learn new things and see people you know,

Let’s all go, let’s all go, let’s all go.

I know, I know. I have no future as a songwriter. But, with this winter that never ends, I have to find something to give me hope that this will all be over soon. Why not start thinking about the IAACE Conference. It takes place in the Spring (April 10th and 11th), it is at a great location (the Keystone Sheraton), it will have a tremendous Keynote Speaker (John Corcoran, author of The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read), and it will be full of many, many interesting and informative conference sessions.

One of the presenters that will be at the conference is Dr. Richard Cooper. Dr. Cooper is a renowned expert on learning disabilities, and he will be doing sessions all day on April 11th. We will also have sessions related to the TASC test, ENL, literacy, and other relevant topics.

But, the IAACE Conference is much more than a series of training sessions. This is our annual meeting, our chance to connect as a group and celebrate our successes, share our disappointments, plan for the future, renew old friendships and make new ones. This is a time for adult educators to show their strength, their pride, and their dedication.

It’s also a time to just have some fun. Did you know that the Fashion Mall (which is connected to the hotel) has 40 stores that can’t be found anywhere else in Indiana? (If you want, you can even buy a new Tesla automobile in the mall!) There are dozens of restaurants in the area, and other entertainment venues. So, if you stay overnight Thursday, you’ll have plenty of things to do!

As you are reading this (and probably also watching the snow fall outside your windows), start making plans to attend the 2014 IAACE Conference. Registration is now open. You can register by clicking here, and you can reserve your hotel room at the special IAACE rate ($109 for Wednesday or Thursday night) by clicking here.

After this year of huge changes, and a long winter, let’s all go to the IAACE Conference.