Experience Exchange Pilot Program

By Timmie Westfall

As you are aware, we recently announced IAACE’s newest initiative, The Experience Exchange. The response we’ve received about this mentoring project has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you! We (your IAACE professional development committee) decided that your response warranted taking this project up a notch. With the unanimous support of the IAACE board, we are launching the Experience Exchange pilot program in a way that will give the early adopters even more support (including financial compensation for the mentors) and set this program up for long-term success.

We will select 5 mentors with a wealth of experience in adult education to mentor in the pilot project from November to June 30th.

  • Each mentor will receive a $500 stipend for the following:
    Assist IAACE in marketing (sharing) the mentoring project through your own network. (Minimum time investment of 2+ hours)
  • Mentor (25 hours) in the form of phone calls, emails or in person meetings if convenient.
  • Attend a mentoring training in Indianapolis with training and lunch provided by Solutions in Education and Training, Inc.
  • Write a brief follow-up report regarding mentoring services offered and recommendations as IAACE move forward to a statewide mentoring project.

What do you think? Will you be one of the ones to jump in now, benefit from this special opportunity, and become the START of something great? Let’s do this together!

If your answer is yes, please visit the Experience Exchange on the IAACE website and submit your info on the form provided!